Aluminum Casting

GoodsQuicker Casting Parts

With our rich experience in Die Casting, Sand Casting, Gravity Casting, Low pressure Casting, we develop a process that produces parts economically and with reliable quality.

CNC Machining

GoodsQuicker Machining parts

With computer controlled equipment and our rich experience, all kind of features can be machined.All popular machining material like Aluminium,Iron/Steel/Stainless Steel,Engineering plastics,Bronze,Brass are frequently machined by us. Quality and repeatability is assured with our late model machine centers and well-designed clamps and processes…

Sheet Metal Manufacturing

sheet metal parts
With Shear Machine, CNC Punching Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Combination Machine, Bending Machine, Deburring Machine and Welding machines, we can easily produce varient sheet metal products.

Plastic/Rubber Manufacturing

GoodsQuicker plastic and rubber parts
Different kind of Plastics processing: Injection moulding, Blow molding, Thermoforming, Compression molding, Fiberglass molding, Filament winding, Vacuum forming.


Grinding PartsShaft Grinding, special grinding.

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